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Validatar enables organizations to improve data quality & increase trust in data by automating the discovery, profiling, testing & monitoring of its data assets.

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The importance of Data Quality has never been greater



How Is Poor Data Quality Impacting
Your Organization?

  • Stakeholders not trusting the data
  • Business leaders making poor decisions based on bad data
  • Wasted time and money chasing and fixing data issues
  • Increased data security and data privacy issues

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Improve the Quality & Trust in Your Data with Validatar

Automate The Discovery, Monitoring & Testing Of Data

Use Cases

  • Data Warehouse & ETL Dev QA
  • Data Governance
  • Cloud Migrations
  • Data Quality Monitoring

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Improving data quality is critical to building trust in your data with your stakeholders. Let us show you how Validatar automates the testing of your data to improve trust in your data.

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