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The QA Platform for Data Teams 


Data Discovery

Validatar enables users to easily discover the data available to them. By knowing what data is available, users can expand their utilization of the data to draw deeper insights. 


Date ProfilingData Profiling

Understand how your data is changing as Validatar tracks data profiles over time. Data professionals use data profiling to ensure that the data pipelines they build are robust and accurate. Data consumers can quickly get to know and trust the data they use for reports and analytics.   

Data Testing Data Testing

Ensure bad data doesn’t surprise you! Create data quality rules, comparison tests, and regression tests to systematically validate your data. Create jobs to schedule and automatically execute tests as part of your modern data stack workflows. Make testing a breeze with automation rather than a resource-consuming hassle. 


Data Monitoring Data Monitoring

Validatar keeps a watchful eye on your data so you don’t need to. Receive alerts when there are significant changes in the profile of your data that may indicate an anomaly or potential issue. Document expectations or formatting rules and then be alerted when data no longer complies.

Metadata Metadata Monitoring

Metadata tells rich stories and provides insight into all aspects of a modern data stack. Whether data structures, lineage, utilization and activity, or business metadata, automate the monitoring of your metadata with Validatar.    

Get Started With Validatar


Connect to Validatar

Accessible User Interface
  • Validatar provides users with a 100% browser based experience
  • Validatar is supported on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, IE and Edge to ensure you have secure access to all Validatar has to offer
  • Validatar provides a fully documented REST API to interact with all aspects of the platform
  • Use the API to integrate with your scheduling tools or ETL processes for executing tests and jobs
  • Validatar Server provides a Command Line Interface to interact with the server directly or via scripts
Validatar_Product_Deployment Image

Deploy Validatar

Validatar Cloud
  • Designed for organizations looking for a fully-managed, automated QA platform for data
  • Robust, multi-tenant architecture, designed for scale, ensures that your data QA solution is always ready when you need it
    Learn more about Validatar Cloud features
Validatar Server
  • Deploy in your own environment either on-premise or in your Cloud platform of choice
  • Application server can be hosted on Windows or Linux
  • Repository Database can be hosted in SQL Server or PostgreSQL
    Learn more about Validatar Server features

Access Data Sources

Validatar can connect to any data source or system with the ability to execute SQL queries or Python scripts.

Databases and Data Warehouses
  • Validatar leverages Native, OLE DB & ODBC drivers to access data across a multitude of possible sources
  • Whether you need to connect to cloud data warehouses, transactional RDBMS’s, or modern cloud data sources, Validatar leverages SQL as the common language to query and write tests against databases
Files, APIs, and Other Systems
  • Validatar enables users to run templatized Python scripts to access data in any other location outside of structured databases
  • Validatar allows users to run these scripts anywhere using the Validatar Data Agent

Validatar Security

Validatar gives you the tools to secure your data while enabling the sharing of information about your data, to improve trust in your data. 

  • Secure work areas enable management of multiple groups and departments within your organization
  • Data Source level permissions allow access management of data sources, metadata, profile & test results and much more
  • Deploy Validatar inside your network or cloud environment for additional risk management
  • Single Sign On integration options available to centralize user management and access controls
  • Data Retention rules allow for fine-tuned control over test and profile result storage
Compliance and Security Standards

The Validatar Cloud Platform is a SOC 2 compliant platform . Please reach out directly to review the relevant SOC 2 reports or with any questions regarding Validatar's compliance or security standards.


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