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The Importance of Data Quality Has Never Been Greater

Without trust in data, organizations continue to struggle with arming their leaders with accurate and timely information they can utilize to make informed decisions. Without trust in data, organizations will spend more time debating the accuracy of the data than they do leveraging the data to achieve better insights. Without trust in data, organizations will not maximize their potential due to missed insights.

Validatar was developed to "Improve Trust In Data" by enabling organizations to dramatically improve the quality of their data through the automation of discovery, testing and monitoring of its data assets.





Build or Partner

Historically, Teknion has partnered with market leaders to provide state of the art data and analytics technology. Partners like Tableau, Snowflake, Alteryx, WhereScape, Matillion, Salesforce, DataRobot, HVR and others are continually recognized for their technologies and the solutions they provide.

However, when we went looking for a Technology Partner to help us deliver a solution to improve Data Quality, we didn't find a solution that we believe adequately solves the problem. Sure, there are some data testing tools on the market, but none that we believe truly provide a comprehensive solution for improving the quality of an organizations data.

So we built our own solution. It is called Validatar.

About Teknion

Teknion Data Solutions is a Data & Analytics consulting company, headquartered in Irving, Texas. We serve clients globally, helping them to unlock the hidden truths buried in their data. Our mission is to serve our clients by delivering better data, better insights and better results. We have been doing so for over 20 years.

We believe data is a valuable asset and has the power to reveal insight. We believe our clients are best served when we deliver solutions that embrace Self-Service and Automation as core paradigms.

Our expertise is broad and deep across the Data & Analytics solution spectrum. We are selective in the Strategic Technology Partners with whom we align ourselves and invest deeply in those partnerships, developing industry recognized expertise to ensure our clients are successful in their implementation, adoption and utilization of those platforms.

We create the most value for our clients by optimizing the mix of services we deliver and the utilization of the best in the industry software platforms we recommend or license.

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