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Do you know the secret to testing data like a pro?



Download Validatar's free Data Testing Toolkit today, and discover how you can become a data testing pro.

How do you prevent those bugs that make it to production?

You know, the ones that end up costing 100X more than if they were detected earlier?

What if there was a way to make those data migrations or data warehouse projects smoother, faster, and cheaper with better data testing?

In Validatar's Data Testing Kit: the definitive guide to testing data like a pro, you will learn: 

  • Six Steps to a Data Testing Strategy
  • Top Tests Every Data Team Needs
  • Data Testing Automation Scorecard

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What's Validatar?

Validatar is an innovative data quality automation & testing platform. Validatar is a critical data quality tool for data governance, data migrations, data testing & data projects in an organization.

The Validatar platform bridges the automation focus of modern data observability tools & the configurability of legacy data testing tools together for holistic, end-to-end, automated data quality. Validatar uses rich, layered metadata to automate the process of testing data.

Validatar’s mission is to help organizations create a resilient data ecosystem and equip business leaders with confidence to make powerful, data-driven decisions.