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Children's Hospital Association

CHA Increases Organization's Trust In Data With Validatar


Children's Hospital





Kansas City, KS

What They Do:

The Children's Hospital Association (CHA) advances child health through innovation in the quality, cost and delivery of care with their children’s hospitals. Representing more than 220 children’s hospitals, they are the voice of children’s hospitals nationally. 



Solution Focus: 

Data Quality | Data Governance

CHA's  Data Quality Challenge

As part of their larger, multi-year Data Transformation initiative, CHA knew that they needed to implement a Data Quality Management program in order to achieve the goals outlined in their Data Transformation charter.

Their Data Quality Management program needed to support:

  • Refreshing data from member hospitals monthly versus quarterly
  • New data quality standards to improve accuracy
  • An increase in organizational trust in the data
  • Ability to scale testing as the volume of their data grows

CHA turned to Resultant (formerly Teknion Data Solutions) and Validatar, an automated data quality and data testing platform for a solution.

Validatar Solution Highlight

Being a part of the larger Data Transformation initiative at CHA, enabled Resultant to understand the larger vision and recommend a solution that met their specific Data Quality Management needs, but also fully integrated into CHA's larger technology solution ecosystem 

Resultant introduced Validatar to the CHA team during the development of their Data Warehouse.  By bringing in an automated testing solution during the development cycle, CHA was able to quickly realize the positive impact it had on streamlining the development cycle for the team.  As the new Data Warehouse was brought online, Validatar transformed from a Dev Testing tool to a Production Monitoring and Testing platform for CHA.

Key Validatar features utilized by CHA include:

  • Cross Platform Testing (SQL Server to Snowflake)
  • Cloud Migration Testing
  • Security Auditing
  • Regression Testing
  • Threshold Alert Notifications

By leveraging Validatar's, robust automation, monitoring  and a comprehensive data testing capabilities, CHA was able to dramatically expand their data testing capabilities to support an increased volume of data, increased data refresh frequency and the ability to implement a member hospital file submission quality program.

CHA's WOW Outcomes

CHA's vision of an organizational Data Quality Management solution is becoming a reality as a result of leveraging Validatar to automate and expand data testing capabilities.

Key WOW outcomes for CHA include:

  • Streamlined Data Warehouse development by empowering developers with test creation capabilities
  • Implementation of a Unified Data Mapping check for all member files
  • Expand testing throughput with less resources
  • Tripled test creation through Metadata & template-based automation
  • Improved data transparency by sharing DQM reporting directly with Data Consumers and CHA leadership.

Validatar plays a critical role in providing greater transparency, measurable improvements in data quality, and improving trust in their data with key stakeholders across the CHA organization and at member hospitals.

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