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QA Solutions Designed for your Data

Discover all the Validatar possibilities

Are you curious about how the Validatar Platform can make a difference for your team? Validatar plays a key role in a variety of different industries and projects. Learn how Validatar can transform your next project!

Financial Services

When it comes to regulatory & reporting requirements, even a small data issue can result in significant fines and fees. 


Validatar makes it easy for your team to discover issues, fix the root cause, and prevent them from happening again.



In the world of healthcare, instant access to solid, trustworthy data can be the critical difference between life and death.


Validatar gives data teams the ability to provide clean, correct, secure, and on-time data for every decision that must be made.


Accurate, validated & verified data plays an essential role in preventing & detecting fraud, and correctly managing claims and policies.


Validatar automates testing of all data aspects to ensure holistic accuracy and enable timely, correct, data-driven decisions.


Audit & Compliance

Access to documented data & data policies, with trusted data assets, is the backbone of a complete audit and compliance strategy.


Validatar gives data consumers visibility with documented history, reports & alerts so they can trust their data assets.

How does Validatar improve a Data Warehouse?

The Validatar QA Platform saves time, money & resources by automating QA throughout Data Warehouse development, maintenance, and expansion. 

  • Improved DW design with earlier awareness of data quality issues
  • Automate creation & execution of data testing with Validatar templates & Validatar Quick Starts
  • Eliminate the cost of regression testing
  • Prevent bugs from going to UAT, or worse, Prod
  • Delight users with reliable data QA
  • Be the first to know if there are data issues in production with automated monitoring


Solutions Page_ETL QA

"As we were developing our new cloud data warehouse, Validatar was critical in validating the data loading solution and process was working correctly."
VP of Analytics - Texas Mutual


How does Validatar impact Cloud Migrations?

Soulution Page Graphic_Cloud_Migration_

"Without Validatar, my client's Snowflake migration would have taken 50% longer.
Validatar saved us time, saved them money, with results we all can trust."

Principal Consultant - Resultant

Validatar's Platform easily bridges legacy & new systems, in the cloud or on-premise, enabling consistency and accuracy in all migration projects.
  • Lower cost of implementation
  • Shorter migration project timelines
  • Automate 100% of data testing
  • Accelerate testing with Quick Starts & Test packs
  • Faster adoption with 100% test coverage
  • Compare metadata between two data sources
  • Monitor metadata changes over time
  • Standardize table & column statistics
  • Query results from multiple systems
  • Adjust queries dynamically using templates


How does Validatar help with production data monitoring?

The Validatar QA Platform makes it simple to perform continuous monitoring of your data with proactive alerts that track, profile, & test your data across all systems and environments, driving comprehensive transparency & collaboration for your organization. 

"My analyst found one issue in one column in Snowflake.
Validatar let me build a template testing 20,000 columns for the same issue, & then identified 12 more critical defects that had gone unnoticed for months.
With Validatar, we never have to worry about that type of defect again." 

Data Quality Manager - Fortune 500 Food & Beverage

Solutions Page_DataQuality Monitoring

  • Understand how data changes over time
  • Monitor source systems for data issues & alert users
  • Detect data structure changes before they cause errors
  • Alert your team to data anomalies due to broken processes
  • Connect to all databases, files, and systems
  • Profile all objects & track values over time
  • Search & edit your data catalog & custom fields
  • Enable monitoring, expectations & field format rules

How does Validatar enable Data Governance?

Validatar provides organizations with the ability to sustain a successful Data Governance program by providing a platform that maximizes organizational value, minimizes risk, manages regulatory compliance and protects an organization’s reputation.

Solutions Page_DataGovernance

Validatar's Platform does this by ensuring everyone in the organization has access to a centralized repository containing the following elements:

  • Comprehensive catalog of all data assets
  • Documentation of QA standards & expectations
  • Data lineage & security rules
  • Testing, profiling & monitoring results
  • Data policy documentation & regulation
  • Transparency and trust through accessible reports & dashboards

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